Chapter 1. BLFS Development

The actual BLFS book itself is written using Docbook-XML ( and at first can seem to be a daunting tangle of files. Basically, if you're confused, start by looking at index.xml. You can see that the file is a well formed xml file that includes other files. These included files reflect the organization of the book. It is divided into Front Matter, Parts, and Appendices. Parts are divided into Chapters and the Chapters are again divided into Sections. Each Section generally represents one specific topic.

BLFS development takes place using three main systems. First, the mailing lists blfs-dev, blfs-book, and (to a lesser extent) blfs-support. Second, the Trac Wiki and ticket tracking system, and third the Subversion repository where the book itself is stored. All of these services are provided by the server also known as This single server provides mailing lists, web hosting, Subversion hosting, ftp hosting, the Trac system, and basically everything used to work on the BLFS project.

Anyone can subscribe to any of the mailing lists provided by higgs. You can find a good description of the mailing lists at

The Trac Wiki and ticket tracking system for BLFS can be found at In order to be able to add, remove and edit tickets, you need to have an account and make sure you are logged in whenever you wish to perform such an action. You can query and read the ticket database without logging in or creating a user. Note that all Trac tickets are copied to the blfs-book mailing list and that all editors should be subscribed to this and the blfs-dev list at a minimum.

Finally, there is the Subversion (svn) server which will be discussed in the following chapters.

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