Chapter 5. Using the Trac Ticket System

Table of Contents

Adding comments
Create a new ticket


This chapter covers the things you need to do when you are using Trac for entering new tickets into the system, and fixing/updating outstanding tickets.

It's assumed you have already logged into Trac before doing anything outlined in the following sections.

Adding comments

  • Go to the ticket you want to update.

  • Add your additional information in the Comment text field.

  • As the last step, click on the Submit Changes button to commit your changes to the database. A log of this will be sent to the blfs-book mailing list.

Create a new ticket

You found a problem, or somebody else found an issue and you decided to create a new ticket in Trac.

  • Go to

  • Select the proper Version. You most always will choose the SVN version. The other versions are basically there only for people who don't edit the book and who want to report an issue against the book version they are using.

  • Set the Milestone, Priority, and Severity as appropriate. Use your own judgment on how important fixing this problem is. If you're not sure just leave the default. These values are periodically re-evaluated and changed anyway (what may be P5 a month ago may be changed to a P1 now because it's finally time to fix it).

    Use the following guidelines for priorities:

    • Blocker — An issue that prevents building a system by the book and must be fixed as soon as possible.

    • Critical — Package updates that fix serious security holes or fix some other critical problem.

    • Major — An important issue but not critical in the sense you cannot build an application with it. Must be fixed before the next release.

    • Normal — This includes most package updates. Should be fixed before the next release, but may be postponed.

    • Minor — Issues that would be nice to have fixed in the next release.

    • Trivial — Textual changes that have no impact on the installation instructions.

  • If you don't want to assign yourself to it right away, leave the Assigned To field blank. It will be assigned to until an editor changes that to himself.

  • Fill in the other fields as appropriate. Summary and Description are mandatory.

  • As the last step, click on the Submit Ticket button to commit your changes to the database. A log of this will be sent to the blfs-book mailing list.

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